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Latest Episodes

Effin Does Men’s Day

“We’d be sitting around the dining table having a sweat!” Happy International Men’s Day! Effin Hormones is celebrating with a candid, poignant – and of course funny – conversation with the one and only Richard Goswell – Emma’s Dad!...

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Effin Hormones
Effin Hormones
Effin Does Men's Day

Foggy Brains and Fit Females With Dr Stacy Sims

Dr Stacy Sims is an internationally renowned exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist, specialising in sex differences. Her Ted Talk, ‘Women are not small men’, explains why it’s so important for women to train around their cycle. Stacy’s pioneering work...

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Effin Hormones
Effin Hormones
Foggy Brains and Fit Females With Dr Stacy Sims

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Our Podcast Guests

Totes Inappropes

Founder, Totes Merry Peri

Totes Inappropes (Alison Stankard) created
Totes Merry Peri – a FaceBook group with 25k members who share their often funny stories of peri- and menopause.
She discusses Vitamin B12, her own meno experiences, and the sport she coined – ‘wironing.’

Sue Devaney


The lovely Sue is currently on our TV screens as Debbie Webster in Coronation StreetYou may remember her from Jonny Briggs, Casualty or dinnerladies.
Sue openly discusses the effects of menopause on her mental health and how she’s doing now. And we all love her for it. 


Making Menopausal Women Visible

Heather and Sam used their extensive corporate expertise to establish Gen-M when they realised that some brands aren’t catering for women at this time of life. From clothing to coaching and femtech to fitness, Gen-M is a one stop shop – and they’re working to get everyone on board. 

Karen Arthur

Fashion Designer

Have you ever searched online for menopause and clicked, ‘images’? When Karen first asked other black women this question she started a conversation on diversity in menopause which has inspired her to launch and present the brilliant podcast, Menopause Whilst Black – which is now into its second series.

Collette Walsh

Journalist and holistic therapist

While working in Spain, a concerned colleague traipsed Collette to a pharmacist where she translated her symptoms.
Collette left the farmacia armed with HRT. 
She’s since embraced her ‘middle ages’, and is on a mission to help women who want it to access hormone replenishment therapy – including testosterone.

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