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Effin Hormones is about those ten years in a woman’s life, running up to the menopause. The perimenopause. BUT – it’s about more than that. Basically – if you’re ‘peri’, you’re in our gang. If you think you’re peri, and those symptoms end up being something else – you’re welcome too. If you’re menopausal – you’re in our gang. If you’re a partner, male, female, identifying as male or female – whatever – and you’re living with someone going through this – you’re welcome too! Because this is TOUGH.

This is going to be a safe space to vent; swear, offer advice and support and have as much of a laugh as we can given all the shit that gets thrown at us, at this time of life.

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT health experts and we’re not pretending or trying to be. What we will do is share our experiences, call upon the collective wisdom of other women. Please do seek professional help if you need it. 

Effin Hormones: The Perimenopause podcast!

Struggling with your Effin Hormones? You’re in the right place. Emma Goswell, Helen Brown, Beena Khetani and Terri Sweeney are four mates who all hit their 40s and thought “what the HECK is happening to me? And why the HECK didn’t anyone tell me about perimenopause? And – how long is this going to take...

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Effin Hormones
Effin Hormones
Effin Hormones: The Perimenopause podcast!


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