A brief explanation of the features, featured in our podcast…

Peri Trumps: The Scorecard

The game you really don’t want to win.  Think Top Trumps, but for perimenopause and menopause symptoms.  Tot your score up from this grid and let’s see who wins. The trump numbers come from how rare each symptom is, so if it’s really rare, it scores a 10.
More common ones score 1. 

N.B.  This is based on a quick Google search from a time pressed middle-aged woman, so please don’t take this as proper medical knowledge! You gotta roll with it sometimes, right? Let us know your scores on email or on our social media and let us know if you’ve had any weird symptoms that score a 10 or don’t show up on this list! 

The A to Z of peri- and menopause

Not one of us had heard of perimenopause before it happened to us. So we decided to run through an A – Z of subjects relating to perimenopause and menopause in the podcast. Sometimes we’ve done a bit of research, sometimes we talk about our experiences and sometimes we just have a bit of a rant about that subject! If you’ve got any suggestions for what we can cover in the A – Z OR experiences you’d like to share with us, then drop us an email.

The Effins


Like the Oscars, but better.  If you’re peri or meno, you can award an Effin – email us to tell us who you’d like to nominate – and we’ll do our best to give them a shout out in future episodes.  The eligibility for an Effin nomination includes: a mate who’s stood by you, even when you’ve had hormonal rage at them or you’ve spent a good chunk of time sobbing at; someone in the public eye who you admire for raising awareness, a medical professional who really “got it” OR a friend who’s maybe really going through it themselves and you want to give them a bit of a boost.

We are MORE than just our symptoms. We are 360 degree women, with interests in lots of areas – and with great music taste! SO – the Effin Hormones playlist is here to remind everyone not to put us in the corner just because of our hormones! 
We’ve asked all our guests to choose a song for our Spotify playlist – and you can add one too! The rules for this are: choose a song that gets you out of bed if you’re feeling crappy and makes you feel like a badass woman; OR a song to soothe your troubled hormonal head, OR a song to express the rage…Enjoy!