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Our History

The Effin Hormones podcast has its origins in a monthly drinking club we started years ago. Remember those days when you used to go out for a few drinks with your mates after work?!

That was us.

Fast forward ten years and we’re all in our 40s. One of us is a mum; two of us have dogs that wake us up stupidly early for walks – and we’re all waaaay too old and knackered to be heading out to bars on a school night.

When the perimenopause hit – NONE of us had heard of it before.

Which is ridiculous right? This is something that happens to SO MANY women. So that’s why we decided to talk about it.

So sit back, and pop us in your lugholes. You can pretend we’re all hanging out together in the pub, having a vent, a swear and a laugh over all the crazy things that can happen to women thanks to their Effin Hormones!

Helen Brown

This is Helen, the Producer of Effin Hormones.  Helen is a retired raver who really would like to go raving again… even if it was just once a year. She’d need a month off afterwards to recover. 
Helen is obsessed with disco and genuinely dances like no-one is watching.  She’s a closet Enya fan. [This is what happens when you let me make your website! 🙂 ]

Emma Goswell

Show Host
This is Emma. She’s the host of Effin Hormones! Emma knows very little about perimenopause, despite going through it. Hopefully she’ll be enlightened with a podast…
Emma loves dressing up so watch this space (@effinhormones on the socials!)  Emma loves her 80s music – including Enya – and incredibly, got to see Wham! perform in China in 1985. 
She was also Brookside’s official advisor over their legendary and UK TV’s first lesbian kiss storyline between actors Anna Friel who played Beth Jordache and Nicola Stephenson, who played Margaret, the nanny.  Amazing right? Coming Out Stories is just one of her other podcasts, a beautiful podcast about love, made with our compadre Sam Walker.  

Beena Khetani

Show Host

This is Leeds lass Beena; the baby of the group and a full product of 90s Britain.  Her playlist suggests she still wishes she was there, though nowadays she much prefers a strong mug of tea – and putting on the latest Enya album – to shots. 

She’s been trying to figure out what on earth her hormones are playing at and is up for learning about this peri business before it hits her like a bus.

Terri Sweeney

Show Host
This is Terri. A former convent school girl – which you’d probably believe.  She can normally be found walking up hills or trekking a long-distance path.
She claims to be all dainty, but in reality – she’s got a right cheek! And if you haven’t already guessed it, Terri is a huge fan of most Irish music including Sinéad O’Connor and of course…Enya.

Sail away, sail away, sail away….

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