Dr Claire Macaulay: The Pleasure Possibility

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Dr Claire Macaulay: The Pleasure Possibility

“Sexuality is our life force energy”

Dr Claire Macaulay is an Oncology Doctor, who also helps peri and menopausal women have the sex lives they want.

Her dual career came about after one of her breast cancer patients told her that she didn’t know which was worse. The fact that she was going to die of cancer one day, or the fact that she couldn’t have sex with her husband. Cancer patients can experience menopause as part of their treatment. Those menopausal symptoms can have a huge impact on people’s ability to have sex.

Claire realised that her patients really needed support and The Pleasure Possibility was born. She works with women who in the perimenopausal or menopausal phase of life, whether naturally occurring or due to medical treatment.

Hands up – the Effin Hormones gang were a bit nervous talking about this at the start… But Claire is massively down to earth, incredibly knowledgable and funny too. She really does break down some barriers and make this issue OK to talk about. You’ll learn a LOT!

Claire mentions a meditation, which you can access here:

I want meditation

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