Effin Hormones Returns with Dr Louise Newson!

Effin Hormones
Effin Hormones
Effin Hormones Returns with Dr Louise Newson!

“Everyone should be able to get their hormones back on the NHS shouldn’t they?”

Dr Louise Newson is the UK’s leading voice on menopause and perimenopause. Seven years ago, she set up a private clinic because she’d heard from so many women who were being offered antidepressants for their menopause, instead of HRT.

Louise hadn’t wanted to go down the private route – she had found that was her only option. Her aim, at first, was to be able to help a few people, but word spread and now her clinics see over 4000 women a month.

Since then, she’s set up the Balance website and app, specifically to help women who can’t afford to go private, and she’s established The Menopause Charity, which is all about working with healthcare professionals and individuals, to help them through menopause too.

The Effin Hormones gang discover what prompted Louise to campaign so passionately for an evidence based approach to the treatment of menopause, and how she managed to miss her own symptoms! Louise also answers questions from our listeners. You’ll learn a heck of a lot in this episode, and hopefully find some inspiration too.

Louise cites some research papers, which you can access here:

Back to the future: Hormone replacement therapy as part of a prevention strategy for women at the onset of menopause

Menopause and cardiovascular disease

Menopausal hormone therapy: why we should no longer be afraid of the breast cancer risk