Kate Muir – Why Granny Orcas Are Badass

Effin Hormones
Effin Hormones
Kate Muir - Why Granny Orcas Are Badass

Kate Muir is the journalist who brought us THAT Channel 4 documentary, Davina McCall: Sex Myths and the Menopause, in summer 2021. The programme had a huge impact on breaking down taboos when it came to talking about menopause and perimenopause.

Kate joined the Effin Hormones gang to tell us about her menopause experience, why she was so driven to make the documentary, and why she is part of the revolution in women’s health to tackle medical sexism. And yes, we learned some fascinating facts about granny killer whales!

We also heard about Kate’s new book, Everything You Need To Know About Menopause (But Were Too Frightened To Ask!), which is available now.

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