I’ll Have What She’s Having!

Effin Hormones
Effin Hormones
I'll Have What She's Having!

“We should be able to access hormones over the counter!”

“It should be as simple as a quick appointment with the GP, collect your prescription and start your hormone replenishment programme, as I call it.”

Collette Walsh is a journalist who specialises in women’s issues, she’s also trained in holistic therapy, yoga and IFS psychotherapy. She’s got a lot to say about a woman’s right to choose when it comes to treatment for peri and menopause.

Listen to Collette and the gang discuss her experiences of accessing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) abroad, and what she thinks about the rise of ‘meno power.’

Plus you’ll hear about the incredible affect testosterone has had on her strength, her mood, and – yes her libido!